Martin Bruckard



Martin Bruckard is an artist who lives and works in Melbourne and at his farm in Silvan in the Yarra Valley. He paints in a wide variety of styles and mediums with a focus on portraits, figure painting, landscapes, still life and Australian wildlife.

Art in Situ

It is often difficult to appreciate what impact a painting or drawing will have on a wall without seeing it in situ. Here are some examples of Martin’s work on a wall to help convey their size, emotional content and impact in a common home-like setting.

Profumo Affair

This triptych includes portraits of John Profumo and Christine Keeler who got caught up in an affair which scandalized British politics in the 1960s. BBC One recently produced a drama series on the  Profumo Affair which provoked this piece of art.

Martin Bruckard

Fine Art